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Jerusalem Fitness

Personal Fitness & Exercise Therapy Trainer

"Live Strong, Live Long"

  • One-On-One

  • Couples & Groups Fitness for Older Adults

  • Post Injury, Weight Loss

  • Pre-Army Prep & Elderly

Train in the comfort of your home, backyard, balcony, outdoors in a public park near you, even Online.


Michael Berezin

  • Michael has over 15 years experience working with clients of all different fitness levels, helping achieve fitness goals including weight loss, strengthening,  better mobility and functioning, post-injury rehabilitation, and teaching the basic fundamentals of fitness to instill fitness independence. 

  • Michael specializes in Fitness for Older Adults helping them achieve optimal health, fitness, and quality of life.

  • Tair Center - where Michael worked with people with Parkinson's and MS helping them manage their pain and improve their daily life functioning.

  • International Sports Sciences Association Santa Barbara, California Certified Fitness Trainer with a specialty in Exercise Therapy and Specialized Training for Older Adults.

  • Studied Holistic Swedish Massage and Anatomy and Physiology at the Riedman School for Complimentary  Jerusalem, Israel.  

Fitness & Exercise Therapy Programs

Committed to providing quality “Fitness Therapy” as well as “Fitness Training” along with a variety of other wellness solutions.
If you are reading this, then you have already taken the first crucial step, now it's time to take the second step.


One on One Fitness Training

My vision is to bring personal training to the everyday person. Whether you are a beginner or a long time exercise enthusiast "one on one fitness training" will help you realize your fitness goals. Benefits include:

  • Building overall strength through multi dimensional resistance training 

  • Encouraging weight loss by naturally boosting one’s metabolism.

  • Learning the science of the how your body works and excel throughout the process, leaving you with the skills and the knowledge to continue on your own.


Fitness for Older Adults 

An exercise program designed to help older adults achieve optimal health, fitness, and quality of life.

A healthy exercise routine can improve energy levels and strength, lower blood pressure, improve balance and enhance overall feeling of wellness without causing damage to your muscles and bones.

This program will add years to your life while ensuring that your quality of life is the best it can be.


Fitness Therapy

Fitness therapy  - therapeutic approach in which exercise is used to improve everyday functionality and general health. great for people suffering from specific pain or limitations.

  • Improved balance and gait

  • Improved flexibility and ROM

  • Overall strength and core stability

  • Better posture & circulation

  • Less neck/upper back pain

  • Better coordination and reaction time

  • Better and improved breathing


One on One Fitness Training

Outdoors or in your Home

  • Strength Training

  • Endurance Conditioning

  • Flexibility Training

  • Core Conditioning

  • Aerobic Conditioning

  • Balance and Coordination


Percussor Based

"Experience" Massage

A treatment where you will receive rapid percussive tapping that increases blood flow to the treatment area helping to relieve pain and increase range of motion and function.


Online Fitness

One on One or the Whole Family

Lockdown got you Down? -  Online fitness has opened the door to many fun and exciting ways to get in shape, You can easily make fitness a part of your daily routine – no matter how busy you are!

With online fitness, the personal training experience comes to you. Whether on your laptop or your phone, remote fitness training provides flexibility and expert trainer


I am convinced that Michael is the best physical trainer/therapist available here in Israel. He is bright, personable, and knows what he is doing.

– Laurine

I all around highly recommend Michael for his services. He is dedicated. He is professional. And he will give you the personal time that is so often compromised with other services.
Thank you Mike!!”




SERVICING: Jerusalem | Gush Etzion | Modiin | Beit Shemesh

Tel: 054-625-0269

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